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Levels of Service

A part of your team at the level you need.


Step One: Planning

My Role: Advisor

Fee: $750/month

During the Planning step we'll work together through regular sounding-board meetings where we'll uncover areas that need improvement. This step is helpful for a business who hasn’t yet fully developed a business process or who is looking to solve a particular problem (that may or may not be defined yet!).

Process & Deliverables: Through a series of weekly planning meetings and problem analysis, we’ll work through existing processes/problems and uncover new opportunities to pursue. You'll receive valuable feedback on solutions to make the improvements you need.

Example Project: Through our weekly meetings, we uncover that a major process driving your cost (and subsequently profit!) is payroll. You aren't sure if your payroll costs are contributing to more revenue or just eating up valuable profit. Together we’ll create a plan that will give you the necessary visibility on which specific aspects of your business may not be as profitable as originally thought - uncovering hidden opportunities for growth.


Once we have worked together in the Planning step to uncover areas of need, we’ll decide which level of Partnering will best suit your needs: Training or Teaming.


Step Two: Partnering

Fee: Depends on Partnering level


Level One: Training

My Role: Expert Guide

The Training level is the hands-on counterpart to Planning. Once a problem or opportunity has been defined, we'll train you and/or your management team on implementation strategies and execution. Instead of simply delivering solutions that influence your decision making, we'll act as your personal guide and agent of change along the way, supporting you and your team to implement the specific solutions you need until we're sure the changes will stick.

Process & Deliverables: Based on plans set in motion during Planning, we'll help your management team champion the desired solutions in their daily work through regular integration meetings.

This level will require a minimum contract term to ensure success.

Level Two: Teaming

My Role: Temporary Team Member

At the Teaming level, We are an integrated part of your team to help you make radical improvements. We will execute the new process from start to finish by regularly working directly with any member of the team necessary to ensure accuracy and successful integration.

Process & Deliverables: Based on plans set in motion during Planning, we’ll create policies, procedures, and budgets from the ground up as needed, holistically revamping the way you plan and execute your business.

This level will require a minimum contract term to ensure success.